Saturday, April 9, 2011

T(ea) is for Thank You

It was teacher appreciation day a couple of weeks ago at E's school. She has amazing teachers and I wish I could've spent more on them to really show how much we appreciate them and all they do. But until two of our apartments start to bring in rent again I'm pretty much on a zero dollar budget. So I went looking for things we already have at home. I know, how bad did that sound. Kind of like regifting. But these are the times right now and I thank my Lord He made me crafty and imaginative. 
I love tea. I'm a big tea drinker and I have a lot of different teas in my pantry. So I came up with "T(ea) is for Thank You". I was so excited and jumped online right away to look for directions for this envelope kind of pocket thing to make for all the tea. I found something much better! A paper cup tutorial. I mean, how cute did they turn out, if I may say so myself.
Here are some of the teas in the cups. I must admit that scooping up loose tea into the little plastic bags made me feel like a drug dealer. Well, not really of course, but the thought hit me as I looked at my little bags laying there on the table.  "Here Mrs X, thank you for dealing with my kid. I'm sure you need to relax a little after being around all the three and four year olds..."
(Ok, can you tell it's past my bed time?)
We did write real thank you notes and E drew pictures of her and her teachers together. I also wrote down word for word what she had to say about her teachers. It was so cute! We rolled them up into little scrolls and attached a hemp ribbon and a tag so it looked like the end of a tea bag. I did take a picture of them with my camera but it came out really blurry and not even picnik could do anything about it. (I had good pictures on my iPhone, but we all know what happened to them, don't we?)
Anyway, if you would like to make your own cups you can find the tutorial here.
 And here's one final shot of the cups.

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