Thursday, March 24, 2011

It could happen to you. You never know. Not even if you have a crystal ball...

Yesterday Mr Hubster and I were watching Fox News and there was this lady and her name was Krystal Ball. Kid. You. Not. I took a picture of the TV screen of her and her name with my iPhone and went to upload it to facebook. But it wouldn't let me update. And then I remembered that I've had this problem for a long time now. I really wanted to post the picture (with the comment: "Do you think she ever foresaw herself being on the O'Reilley show?" Clever, right? Just wish I'd thought of it. But it was all C.) so I googled my problem and I wasn't the only one it had happened too. Plenty of people swore that if you only deleted the fb app from your phone and then reinstalled it it would work. Sounded easy enough. But is there ever such a thing as easy? In the middle of the download my phone froze. What do you normally do when there's a problem with your iPhone? You turn it off and then you turn it back on again and the problem is fixed. Not this time. It would not turn back on properly. I was stuck with a cute little apple on my screen and that was it. C search around for info on how to fix this and found the answer. Not the one I wanted to hear, though. It had to be re... whatever the word is when you take everything away and start all over. From the beginning. Losing all your info. Yep. It was that bad. (And everyone with this problem had it happen because of the fb app.) But anyone with an iPhone know that you're supposed to sync it up so your info is saved. Well, last time I did that was in NOVEMBER. That's a lot of pictures, bookmarks, videos, contacts etc ago. Luckily I uploaded my pics to the harddrive three weeks ago so I only lost three weeks worth of photos. Still sucks! I was up until 2am restoring my phone. Putting on apps, organizing folders etc. Needless to say, I will do that syncing thing at least weekly from now on. And you should too!

Well, no blogpost should be without a picture and I wish I could post the picture of Krystal Ball. But that's obviously not possible so here's an unedited picture from my regular little camera of something I found on the floor a couple of days ago when it all of a sudden got very quiet around here.
Just because I need something to smile about right now.
Have fun syncing up!


  1. how adorable is Ella! such a cute photo.
    and about the other thing...well, how do you sync your iphone?
    i don't think i have ever done that!

  2. LOL you are so funny! sorry about your phone, and i know of many people who have had iPhone/FB app issues. i don't know how to sync my phone but you better believe i'll be asking my hubby dear to help with that tomorrow...thanks for the tip! :)


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