Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's Personal - Celebrating ONE

My baby turned ONE last month and we had a little party for her a couple of weeks ago. I thought I would guide you through her special day. 
You are cordially invited...

Are you getting hungry? Just dig in!
We had crackers with cheese and pepperoni, veggies and dip and some fruit and berries. The guests were also munching down some Swedish bullar (those are the cinnamon/cardamom rolles you might spot there. They are not covered in salt. It's sugar. Pearl Sugar), popcorn balls, chocolate dipped pretzels, yogurt covered raisins, biscotti, and oreo cake pops.

If you're getting thirsty and are wondering where on earth that hot chocolate bar is I must admit that I forgot to take pictures of it. But it had whipped cream, instant coffee for all the mocha fans and marshmallows. I forgot the crushed peppermint canes at home. 

What about the birthday girl, you might wonder.
She was stunning as always.
Yes, I made my walker crawl, just so I could get some pictures of her little behind. I'm in love with those bloomers, what can I say?
I made the tutu myself, but the onesie and the bloomers are from Marina's Monogramming. She was great to work with. I highly recommend her!

Look at that cake! It was gorgeous. And soo delicious! I hope I won't offend anyone when I say that I normally prefer Swedish cakes over American. They just taste better. But this one tasted just like a cake pastry thing from home and I actually had seconds. If you ever need a cake I can recommend my baker friend! Just let me know.
The birthday girl is gorgeous too! And messy. Just like she's supposed to be.

Her tutu was never put back on after the cake, but with those bloomers, who cares?
Her sister kept decorating cookies all day long. They were shaped like snow flakes before I baked them...
Sorry about the random snowflake in the middle. I made these huge snowflakes out of poster boards and hung them from the ceiling, but forgot to take pictures. So I snuck one in here. It's from when it was drying in our basement. Oh, well.
 I don't mean to kick you out, but if you're leaving please grab a party favor. 
Gluten free, white, sparkly, homemade playdough for the kids,
Chocolates for the adults and
Puffs for the little ONEs.

Now all I need to do is schedule a photo shoot with my favorite photographer and I can make and send out some thank you cards.

Thanks for stopping by our Winter ONEderland!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Something to do - Play Makeup

Do you have a daughter that likes to play with your makeup? Do you have makeup that you don't use because someone once gave you a box with totally not your color eye shadow? Or something like that. I do. And while hopping from link to link to various blogs using my iPhone I stumbled upon this great idea to turn my box of wrong colors into play makeup for my girl. If I would have been using my computer I could have put a link to the original post, but like I said, I was on my cell on some blog I normally don't follow. Totally would though if I were to stumble upon it again.

The whole idea is to pour some sort of glue on top of your makeup and let it dry. Most glues dries clear, make sure yours does too. I used Stampin' Up's crystal effects. There will be air bubble to pop. Just use a needle. Be careful not to push the needle down into the makeup itself as it can smear into the glue. Mine didn't and I hit the makeup a few times. As you can see on my picture I wasn't able to pop all of my air bubbles. The glue dried too fast and I had to stop popping bubbles or they would turn into holes. But my girl doesn't care about them anyways.

Another little tip is to be patient. Don't touch until completely dry, which can take hours, or you can end up with finger prints. I totally messed up with one of the squares before it was dry, leaving a big dent in it and I was bumming, thinking I messed up the whole project. Not fun considering it's quite time consuming. But I guess crystal effects is my friend. It healed itself over night. Yay!

Now I really feel like running down to the dollar store to pick up some cheap makeup and make some more. She could use a blush, right?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yummy for my Tummy - Snack Time

I was looking through the pictures I took with my phone in January to see which ones to save and which ones could go and found a picture of my snack. Kind of random, you might think, but I find myself taking pictures of my food all the time. And this one made me hungry so I'm definitely on my way over to the pantry and fridge to dig out a couple of plain, unsalted rice cakes, some roasted red pepper Tribe hummus and some cucumber. And sprinkle with a tiny pinch of kosher salt and some freshly ground black pepper. My mouth is watering as I'm writing. Just look at the picture and you will understand why. Yum! Or Mums! (See, I snuck in a little Swedish lesson for you there.)

Ok, so I'm drooling. Gotta go!
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